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Defferent Cultures Should Be Welcomed

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It is not uncommon that the tourism has taken up a large part in economic development and the number of it is still increasing at a staggering rate.At a result of this sweeping trend, whether the tourists should comply with the local customs or local residents are supposed to accept the cultures from outside had sparked much debate, Personally, i think local culture should keep the core value of it in the meantime absorb the various different cultures that is beneficial to itself.

As a enlightened society, it cannot be constricted by the boundaries of it which would isolate this area and narrow people's outlook. Instead, only learning and supplying the merits from other cultures may this country follow the pace of development. Many historic evens can illustrate this point.Before the European arrives, primitive American had their own life style,used stone to hunter animals and lived in the bandas, which fell behind the Europe for hundred years. However, with the new technique emerged, most local inhabitants abandoned their worn-out houses and tools got into a new era as their learned more advanced skills and knowledges which helped them to live in a high quality of life than before.

Admittedly, the cultures is a double-edges sword. What American needed to face up with is not only their brand-new life but also their endangered culture. If a society could not be able to reserve the essential value of their culture, it would definitely be assimilated by the invaders. Consequently, resisting different cultures is a effective way for a country which is willing to preserve the purity of its culture. In other words,visitors should be demanded to conform the local customs.

In summaries, a country which intends to keep pace with other countries should welcome cultural differences, while it also needs to be compatible with the local cultures.


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