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An Easy Way to Clean Saddle and Bridles

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Tami Hamm
October 10, 2012
Process Paper
An Easy Way to Clean Saddle and Bridles
For horse owners that are new to horses or someone who needs the steps for how to clean tack. Keeping up on cleaning on your tack will make it last longer. Also cleaning your tack and keeping up on it will save you money. To keep your tack new and nice here are some easy steps to follow.  
The items we will need to clean tack are saddle soap bar, neat’s foot oil, a few old rags, sponges, and bucket. If you do not have these items, go to your local horse supply store that has these items, for example Tractor Supply, Seminole feed store. If you need help finding these items asks for assistance. When you have the supplies needed to get started fill the bucket with Luke warm water which will help get the dirt and sweat off easier.
Now you’re ready take the removable parts off the saddle (Stirrups, cinches, etc.) remembering how it all comes apart to be able to put it back together. When cleaning a saddle you will get a little dirty in this process. Using a sponge get it really wet then squeeze the excess water out. Then rub the sponge all over the soap bar to work the soap into the sponge. Then using the soapy sponge and rub it all over the saddle and work it into a lather which will look like a white film. Take the time to get in all the cracks on the saddle. Next wipe all the excess lather off the saddle with a rag once you are done with the step above. Using a different rag or sponge dampen it with the oil (neat’s-foot oil).   Then use the neat’s foot oil rag or sponge to oil the saddle making sure to get all the nooks and crannies. The oil helps the saddle squeak when you ride in it. Then repeat these same steps on all pieces you took off, and reattach them back to the saddle.
Secondly examine the bridle to remember exactly how it goes back together. Now take it all apart and put into the bucket of water giving it a minute to soak. Clean the bridle using the same process as we...


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