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Three Wish

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What would you wish for if you had three wishes?
I believe that everyone must have a dream, a hope, have something, get something, and want to be something but in the fact, those things maybe not happen to us. Try to imagine that you have been given three wishes by a genie that appears out of nowhere as you sit rubbing an old brass lamp, found in your grandma's attic. Everyone dreams of finding a magic lamp with a genie inside. Now, that someone is you!
Genie: “You’re good girl; I will give 3 wonderful blessing.”
I: “Oh! Really, I do not believe that how wonderful it is actually a blessing.”
Genie: “I will give a wonderful blessing for a good girl like you.” “Now, you should to ask me for three things that you want.”
I: “1. I want a millionaire, 2. I want to have happy family, 3. I wish for world peace.”
Genie: “I will give three things to you soon” <Genie disappear>

I have a passion to have more items such as cloth, high heel, super car, large house, Iphone 5, Mac Book, Ipad etc., but they are not necessary to my life because they are outside the body, so why do I still want it! If the genie gives me for 3 wishes, I would think carefully as possible in order to make something to get best values.

The first thing I wanted to ask first, I think most people would want it as well. It is necessary to take life very easy. The first thing that I wish is I want to have 100,000,000 Thai Baht. You may be thinking that I am greedy money like everyone but I have many reasons to want to have it so, what is a real rich person? A person who is really rich is not judged according to what he owns or possess. A person who stays in condominium or terrace house and have a car and a maid may not be as rich as a person who stays in a three-room flat and who does not own a car at all. A person who dress smartly with branded clothes and branded accessories are most of the time not as rich as a person...


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