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Power Relations

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Language and Culture II
Film Studies. Amy Villarejo

1- What’s the meaning of this quote? Page 26

“Cinema, in other words,bears distincly different relationship that does language to conceptions of totaly: That’s part of what makes it daunting (for one can never imagine , much less see, even a smidgen of what   has been recorded) but also what makes it powerful, compelling,fascinating).For it bridges a gap between the self and the limitless whole,between what we know intimately and what we can never know”.

2- What’s the meaning of this sentence? Page 29
“ Remember, in other words,that “reality” partakes of the functions of mise-en scene more than the measurement of its elements against a presumed “real word”, at the same time as films summon our experience of living in that real word by way our reactions and responses”.

3- What’s the meaning of the concepts “galaxies and universes” in this quote? Page 30
“Sets are not confined to measurable interiors, such as dwellings or workplaces, but can extend literally into the nwe words of galaxies and universes beyond our own”.

4-What’s the meaning of this underlined concept? Page 35

“Acting per se thus receives little attention in formal analysis, which is instead concerned with the placement of figures within the frame, with narrative motivation for various forms of expression, with the production of affect through the face as an apparent window onto interior feeling or emotion, and with action that contibutes to a film’s narrative, it’s cause and effect logic.”

5-What’s the meaning of   the concept “camera’s depth of field” in this quote? Page 36

“Even a stationary camera establishes and may change focus,in order to emphasize a particular plane or planes within the camera´s depth of field, the three-dimentional space the camera’s lens is capable of recording in focus in two dimensions, according to the shot’s role and logic”.

6-What’s the meaning of “ craning” in this sentence? Page 41...


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