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An Analysis of Sherlock Holmes' Character

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  Arthur Conan Doyle is known as "the father of detective fiction". In "Sherlock Holmes stories”, the character “Sherlock Holmes” is based on the story of Joseph Bell who was a lecturer at the University of Medicine and Surgery Doctor in the in the late 19th century, Edinburgh, Scotland, whose legend brings Conan Doyle’s inspiration ”. This paper analyzes the character of Sherlock Holmes, explain why so many people all over the world are fascinated by the story in four parts. Part one is about the legend of Joseph • Bell and restore the prototype of Sherlock Holmes. Part two is the life introduction of Arthur Conan Doyle. Part three analyzes the manners, appearance and detective skills of Sherlock Holmes, in this way, Sherlock Holmes’ character is shown. Through the above three parts, we can understand why the character of Sherlock Holmes lives in the hearts of people for so long.When we said something about detective, the first figure that prompt in our mind is Sherlock Holmes. Although he is a character in a fiction, we believe he is a person live with us.
Key words: Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, Character, Detective

摘   要

  被誉为“侦探小说之父”的阿瑟·柯南·道尔在《福尔摩斯探案集》中塑造了神探福尔摩斯,这一人物形象风靡世界,家喻户晓。其原型约瑟夫· 贝尔,他是19世纪中后期, 苏格兰爱丁堡大学医学部的讲师兼外科医生。他的传奇故事给柯南·道尔带来了灵感, 使其创作出“福尔摩斯” 这一世界文学史上的经典形象。本文从以下四部分:1,让读者了解约瑟夫· 贝尔的传奇经历,来还原神探福尔摩斯的原型。2介绍《福尔摩斯探案集》的作者阿瑟·柯南·道尔,即创作出福尔摩斯的伟大作家的生平。3.对福尔摩斯的行为举止,外貌特征,以及侦探技巧进行层层剖析,分析福尔摩斯的性格特征。通过以上的三部分,我们能了解为什么福尔摩斯能够存在人们的心中这么久,甚至当人们一提到侦探这个词语,都会想到福尔摩斯的这个人。虽然他是一个小说人物,但是性格特征、行为举止又像是一个我们身边的朋友,那么平易近人,那么真实,似乎并不仅仅存在于小说中。

关键词: 福尔摩斯,柯南道尔,性格特征,侦探
Abstract I
摘   要 II
Introduction .1
Chapter One   Legend of Joseph Bell ..2
Chapter Two   Introduction of Arthur Conan Doyle 4
Chapter Three The Great Detective—Sherlock Holmes 5
  3.1 The Origin of the Great Detective 5
  3.2 The Great Detective’s Appearance 5
  3.3 The Great Detective’s Manners 6
  3.4 His methods of Investigation 7
Conclusion 9
Acknowledgements 11...


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