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Beyond the Euphoria

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The article ‘Beyond the euphoria’ presented many disturbing facts about present day Jamaica. Many of their social and political mishaps has a lot to do in what’s imbedded in their history. It is important that one understands the history of a country before he/she critiques on it. The writer of the editorial stated facts and figures to enhance his/her presentation but didn’t look at the contributing external factors. As one would notice I didn’t mention internal factors due to the fact that the writer of the article listed the political dilemma as a contributing factor as part of the problem both socially and economically. With reference to the article, in my opinion history is to be blamed for such a situation in Jamaica today.
As Jamaica celebrated its 50 years of Independence, they have a lot to be proud of; one of its greatest achievements took place at the recent London 2012 Olympics where history was created by Usain Bolt, also known as the fastest man in the world and by many other fellow Jamaican Olympiads. However one must not be lulled or tricked into thinking that Jamaica as it is always perceived by tourists and many others that their life is a “bed of roses,” as a Caribbean individual would say.
The editor went on to say that for the past 40 years the economy of Jamaica has been largely stagnant. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Jamaica celebrating 50 years of Independence. What about the other ten years in which they was also independent? The editor failed to provide information about the growth both socially and economically about the remaining ten years. How can one be so bias when writing such an article and that too in the National paper of Jamaica?
Yes it’s important to state the ills of the country but on the other hand it’s important that one portrays the beauty and wonders of one’s country so that others within the Caribbean and internationally will read about the facts rather than about only one person’s opinion, it is important that...


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