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Space and Beyond

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Space and Beyond

It is with greatest facination one would enter into just by looking up into the sky, day or night and at any given point of time, the enormity of the creation of nature which has in store for those who understand, more so during the night, with so many objects one can observe and in a sense see within ourselfs how small we are compared to the space that’s infinite. In spite of all this man is so engrossed and fallen pray to his own vanity to reach his materialistic goals, he more often than not, fails to take in this spectacle that is so clearly defined all around and above us.

It is such a pity that when compared with other things in tandem, we are here with a preset mission which we have missed out during the course of our lifestyle to trully appriciate the creation outside and within us, we live our miseries like nothing else matters but the momentary and temporary pretensions and miss out the big picture.
The best part is that, the sun which we take for granted is one of the best examples of a star that is so close by which it can be studied easily and ofcourse has been done since the advance of technology, thanks to the scientists around the world, who have brought forth the make up of a star so clearly that the other far reaches of our neighbourhood stars can somewhat be ascertained about the composits that go into making up of some of the main sequence, the gaints & the super gaints.

From the moment of the greatest explosion THE BIG BANG uptill now say a period of maybe 14 billion years the spectacle is still being unfolded in very definite terms. When peered deep into the microwave backround radiation and on to the UV & infra red belt we see the creation and annelation of galaxies itself that normally will be invisible in visible light.Having a finite speed at which the light can travel, we can look exactly how the universe looked like during the making of the earlier ages and paradoxically the distruction in the distant...


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