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Art...to Space

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Art...to Space

  The beauty of art is best depicted by its various forms. Those, that digitalized, can be represented to appeal to   our senses of hearing and sight. Science and religion may show different aspects of our culture, but will be hard to interpret by an alien race. Regardless of what language is used (English being the international language at this point), we cannot and must not assume that it will be readily interpreted by any life form other than our own. Whether through literature or recordings, it will be an 'alien' language. For this reason, we must chose art as our passing torch to extra terrestrial life forms. Through art, we will demonstrate every fragment of our humanly existence. Through paintings, sculptures, architecture, and music, we will be able to portray our civilization and depict the essence of earth's humanity.

  A picture is worth a thousand words. Although the exact origin of this phrase is unknown, the meaning is definite. Through art, we can not only show what our world looks like, but we can exhibit emotions and feelings; elements that do not have an explicit definition in our language, let alone an explanation. Yet, that have been felt by every member of the Earth population. Our defining characteristic. It is the most valuable piece of our civilization, our legacy, a piece of humanity captured in time that we can send on to awaiting interstellar space beings.

  Pictorial representations of humanity have been around since the beginning of time. We can start with the most premature cave drawings as our first objective to demonstrate our history;   such that were found throughout France and Spain dating back to as far as 16, 000 B.C. (Adams; 30-37) Moving through history we will illustrate models of art through Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and early Christianity, through which our path may cross fields with religion. We will follow our evolution through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, towards the Modern art of...


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