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Role of Media in Bringing Public Awareness

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This subsection of the ‘General annotation (Comments)’ section describes the lethal dose (LD), paralytic dose (PD), effect dose (ED) or lethal concentration (LC) of a protein toxin.
LD(50) is the amount of a toxin, given all at once, which causes the death of 50% of test animals. PD(50) is the amount of a toxin, which causes the paralysis of 50% of test animals. ED(50) is the amount of a toxin, which produces an effect (the effect must be precised) on 50% of test animals. LC(50) is the concentration of a toxin, given all at once, which causes the death of 50% of test fishes. The typical units are micrograms (ug), milligrams (mg) or grams (g) of material per kilogram of body weight. The unit for LC(50) is micrograms (ug) of material per milliliter (ml) of water, as it is used to test toxin against fishes.
Examples: Q86LR2, P13208, P17727, P60276, P49126, P69835
In order to facilitate the interpretation of information, we describe the mode of toxin delivery (such as intraperitoneal, intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, intracerebroventricular, intracranial or intraabdominal injection) and the test species used.
Example: P55902
Toxicokinetics (often abbreviated as 'TK') is the description of what rate a chemical will enter the body and what happens to it once it is in the body. It is an application of pharmacokinetics to determine the relationship between the systemic exposure of a compound in experimental animals and its toxicity. It is used primarily for establishing relationships between exposures in toxicology experiments in animals and the corresponding exposures in humans. However, it can also be used in environmental risk assessments in order to determine the potential effects of releasing chemicals into the environment. In order to quantify toxic effects toxicokinetics can be combined with toxicodynamics. Such toxicokinetic-toxicod
| Toxicodynamics The determination and quantification of the sequence of events at the cellular and molecular levels...


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  1. role of media in public awareness
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  2. role of media in bringing public awareness
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