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Why Virginity Is Crucial for Woman?

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Woman can never be treated as sex seekers. No matter how much desperate a woman is, every woman has dreams and every woman loves the concept of love. Women are designed to take things slowly and romantically.

The problem with today’s generation is that they do not understand the concept of woman. For guys it’s a play toy but its not. For guys woman are not a serious issue and there importance is not acknowledged, the biggest reason behind this is frequent deaths of girl infants. This has created the atmosphere of hatred and ignorance towards woman. Although woman is whole some responsible for the progress and upbringing and without woman man cannot live and work efficiently but still the concept of woman is different and controversial in India.

Young woman are not considered as sisters by young men and no one can change this thinking as opposites attract. The biggest problem arises when men do not treat woman as lover but as sex slave. For them woman is not a permanent asset of there life but a temporary rental house where they live according to there specifications. Trust me not every woman is stupid, every woman has some power or you can say some intuitions which tell them about the true intentions of men.

Women choose men with the purpose, for them he is the one who will carry on the generation and will take care of her and her children. Man does not think so optimistic, they only take care of there physical need and that is sex. Unfortunately men never say no to sex and woman and for them every woman is available. Even the committed men urge for his best friend’s girlfriend if she is hot but women are different. Once they consider a man as there whole world they do not care about any other man, no matter how much ugly her man is.

The men do not understand the dreams of woman. If you really want a woman in your life then you have to make some changes in your lifestyle and thinking. You have to consider the woman as the most important person of your...


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