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Evaluation of the Sealand Woman of the Chrysalids

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Before we are introduced to the Sealand Woman we are introduced to her machine. This machine is part of a premonition in the form of a dream David has at the beginning of the novel. The other uses this as a foreshadowing device and it links too crucial times in the plot.
The description of the machine and the lack of use of technical terms shows David’s and through him, Waknuk’s ignorance of technology. The term fish shaped body used is yet another link to the exposition of the plot. It appears to be a futuristic helicopter of sorts
The Sealand woman upon the first encounter was described as exceedingly beautiful. She appears to the children of Waknuk fair and unflawed. This can be thought of as an illusion as the children with admiration for their savior view her through rose coloured glasses. To illustrate the differences in societies her short hair is noted as well as the confidence she exudes.   Her appearance can be conotated as that of an angel thus could be the use of white in her belongings. “Against the thrown-back white hood her beautiful head looked as though it were framed by a halo…” She might have represented an angel through her appearance, though her beliefs were not perfect. The narrator notes that she appears to have a halo above her (characteristic of angels). This subtly suggests that the flaws of religious beliefs still exist even for the advanced New Zealand telepaths. This idea that humans are imperfect is, of course, central to the Christian religion.
Developing the Sealand woman’s character it was noted that she spoke in more complex patterns than the Waknuk telepaths. This adds an air of mystique and wonders about her and illustrate that she is a different and more powerful class of mutant than David, Rosalind and Michael. This is further illustrated in the silent conversation of Petra and this woman. Even though the society of Waknuk is broken down it is shown that there is style a class system among the telepaths. Again class is...


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