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The Chrysalids

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    The uncontrollable driven state of fear gives humans the power to destroy. In "The Chrysalids", people start to fear others because of their difference in appearance. Likewise, people also fear those that have differences in moral beliefs and values. Demonstrated in both "The Chrysalids" and African American Slavery, the power of fear within humans gives humans the power to discriminate those that are different. By examining discrimination with differences in appearance, differences in humans beliefs/values and death, it will be apparent that when humans are interconnected with fear, humans will start to discriminate all those that are different.

    Humans discriminate and fear other humans with differences in appearance. In the novel "The Chrysalids", the citizens of Waknuk believed that everyone living within their region was the true image of God. On the contrary, the people of Waknuk believe deviations are an insult to the true image of God and are creatures sent by the devil. WHen David met Sophie, he noticed that she was a deviation with six toes instead of a normal five toes. Sophie's parents are very protective of her deviation and soon noticed that Sophie's new friend knows about her secret. Sophie's parents say to David "Nobody else must know abou that. You are the only person who does, except her father and me. Nobody else must know. Nobody at all - not ever..." (Wyndham 12). In this quote, it reveals the society of Waknuk is very unkind towards deviations, and if anyone in Waknuk finds out, she is badly discriminated. Similarly, African American people were considered a threat in USA because of their skin color, just as deviations were considered a threat to God in Waknuk. African Americans would get banished of their humanitarian rights at work, in school, in the outdoors, in sports, and anywhere else because of the difference in skin color. In addition, the African Americans were known as slaves to the white people, doing tiring jobs for...


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