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Grinding Machine Used in Municipal Construction

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Fly ash is a kind of ash substances, contains a lot of SiO2, Al2O3, etc, can produce gel sexual material existed in ball vitreous, and the vitreous body in fly ash is stable and uneasy to be hydrated. Lime and cement produces reaction and can form a chain structure.   The difference of active lime content of fly ash and cement hydrolysis after hydrolysis led to the different strength of fly ash, therefore, in actual use, the diversification of fly ash is according to the matching of the different material.

    At present, there are many type mill, and the raymond mill, high pressure abrasive powder machine, rock grinder, hanging roller mill, etc. are most widely used, but these mills in the production of fly ash, and constantly finished size are not standard, what is more important is the too low yield of fly ash of general grinding machining, so it can’t be used in large engineering project. In order to solve this problem, Hongxing released large vertical mill special for fly ash production technology.
    Vertical grinding machining produces fly ash used as subgrade filler, fly ash mixed with 4~6% cement or 10~12% lime mixture mixing of packing can be used in the groove and roadbed filler. Fly ash met the requirement of the strength won’t affect on the environment, especially the water pollution with their also very high strength. The fly ash added with curing agent mixture has been tested and its performance meets the subgrade filler requirement of roads and municipal with good compression, shear, water resistance and durability. due to the light weight and high intensity of curing fly ash, it can be used for filling the bridge to reduce the bridge settlement after the car, and the bridge abutment filled soil pressure, but also can be used for filling and dealing with soft and weak foundation.

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