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Sikhism and Christanity

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The Similarities between Christianity and Sikhism

Jesus and Guru Nanak have so many similarities in their believes and disputes. Although they both led extremely different lives before they got into devotion of God. Jesus was born supernaturally from Virgin Mary. Joseph had to play the role of a father. He had to feed him, clothe him etc. like all fathers do as instructed by the angels who visited him before the birth of Christ. And it is said that Jesus's true father is in heaven God while Guru Nanak was born and raised by a ordinary family. Guru Nanak ji never claimed himself God but a messenger of God. And we have a quote in Sikhism "burnt be the tongue which says God came out of the womb". Guru Nanak Dev ji was married and had two sons. He wanted to prove that one does not have to give up family life to be accepted by God.

There is no direct connection between Jesus Christ and the Sikh Gurus. Nonetheless there are many quotations, which have the same meanings in these two religions. The two form separate and distinct temporal points in our history, but when we look closely at them, they illuminate each other. Both Christ and Nanak are remembered in almost identical ways. Churches resound with hymns like "Christ is the light of the world," and Sikh Gurdwaras with "satgur nanak pragatia miti dhundh jag chanan hoia -- as Nanak appeared, mist and darkness disappeared into light." Both of them have the same meaning despite being a different religion. It is also interesting that how both claimed they had no control over their speech. According to the gospel of John: "I do not speak of my own accord... what the Father has told me is what I speak" And Guru Nanak, "haun bol na janda mai kahia sabhu hukmao jio" - "I don't know how to speak, I utter what you command me." Not to forget, it is more than a coincidence that Christians and Sikhs celebrate the birth of their communities on the first day of spring - called Easter in northern Europe and Baisakhi...


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