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Antwone Fisher

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Antwone Fisher

In the beginning of Antwone Fisher Antwone, who is a young navel sailor, has a bad attitude most likely do to his abusive childhood.   Due to his anger he shortly got in to a fight and was ordered to see a psychiatrist.   In the beginning of the visits Antwone doesn’t want to talk even though its only three sessions and the psychiatrist seems not to care.   After a few more visits Antwone starts to open up.   I personally think it was a good move and a waste of time for both patient and psychiatrist and it gave Antwone time to cool down.
There are some positive aspects of waiting until Antwone actually wanted to talk.   For example, Antwone had already been in trouble and seen a psychiatrist a few times so you know it didn’t work the last time.   The psychiatrist could of wrote him off and discharged him in three visits but by waiting until he wanted to talk shows empathy. The psychiatrist knows he won’t reach Antwone by force feeding him questions.   This way Antwone will lead the conversations much like a humanistic type therapy.   By showing empathy to a hardened young person a bond or trust will start.   I do believe this was a good type of therapy for the character like Antwone but maybe not the best because it did take time for him to start opening up.   On the other hand the psychiatrist can watch Antwone and study his behavior, once Antwone opens up you already have an understanding of what he’s hiding.
A negative aspect of this type of therapy is that the psychiatrist won’t always have control over the conversations.   Also I noticed the psychiatrist trying to be-friend him by telling and showing his own emotions.   This is called counter transference witch may help sometimes but it will make it hard for the patient to feel his or her own feelings.
Even though this type of therapy is a great way for someone to open up, the time it took for Antwone to start was to long and ineffective.   Due to Antwone highly emotional pass I believe a more...


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