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Rocket Scientist

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Among the most sought after professions in America today is the rocket scientist.   Becoming a rocket scientist would be great because one would be involved in creating new technologies for the aerospace community.   Rocket scientists develop systems and technology for satellites, spacecraft such as the space shuttle, and military aircraft.   Being a rocket scientist would enable one to work with the future (ECVG 73).   The education and training needed to become a rocket scientist is very extensive.   Knowing the job description and skills of an employee in this field is important.   Prospective rocket scientists must also be aware of the earnings potential and future outlook for a person who gets a job in this field.
                Getting a good education is very important for those who want to become rocket scientists.   After completing requirements for a high school diploma, a person must enter a four-year college and earn a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field.   After the bachelor’s degree, it is best to work toward a master’s degree in the same field while working for NASA or another aerospace company such as Grumman, Boeing, or McDonald Douglas.   While working as an intern for a big company, one learns real life applications of engineering technologies learned in the classroom (BLS).
Good employees in this area perform many different activities on this job.   First, they draw plans for satellites and other spacecraft.   Second, they work with military personnel to design and build jets, helicopters, and other machinery.   Finally, they work with a team of mechanical engineers to build and test their designs (OOH 34).
There are also many advantages for people who are interested in a career as a rocket scientist.   The most important benefit is the earnings potential.   Rocket scientists make between $120,000 and $150,000 annually.   Another reward of this job is the benefits package that is included as part of the salary.   Health benefits are very important...


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