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Comparison of 2 Note-Taking Methods

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Note-taking is one of the most important skills for students to memorise and summarize the lecture and knowledge. There are five note-taking methods but this essay will focus on describe the most popular methods which are mapping and outlining methods and also evaluates them.
Firstly, it can be said that the mapping method is one of the easiest methods to take notes systematically. Mapping can be defined as a graphic representation of the content. In other words, comprehension and concentration skills are used to form a note-taking system which relates each fact or idea to every other one. With this system, a lecture can be tracked visually and users can edit notes easily by adding numbers, marks and colour coding. In addition, main points can be written on flash or note cards and   pieced together into a table or larger structure, therefore review probably help to restructure thought processes by which users will be forced to check understanding. However, to put this method into efficient practice, users are able to be requested good integrated abilities, which mean that they always listen, summarise and then write down at the same time. One more disadvantage is that few maps may be drawn incorrectly, which results from changes in content from main points to supporting ideas sometimes cannot be heard clearly in the lecture.
Secondly, it can be assumed that the outlining method is the simplest but most efficient method. Ideas and facts are written and organized in pattern depended on space indention, which means that the major points are located at the farthest to the left and the minor ones are indented more to the right. It is believed that if users do it right, well-organized system will be formed and levels of importance also will be indicated by their distance away from the major points. Moreover, notes can be edited and reviewed easily by turning main points into questions. However, there are some disadvantages in this method such as the fact that it...


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