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Social Inequalities in Health

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This essay will consider why socio-economically deprived older people experience inequalities in health and how the wider psycho-social determinants impinge upon such individuals.   The essay will begin by emphasising the social and psychological influences in relation to wealth and age.   It will then explore the role of government lead reports such as the Independent Inquiry into Inequalities in Health Report, chaired by Sir Donald Acheson in1989 and organisations who research social issues such as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.   The essay will explore the implications of such reports and their bearing on social policy reform, such as the introduction of the National Service Frameworks.   Additionally, incorporated within the composition is a reflective narrative giving an account of an mature patient, from occupation class V, but is now retired and has developed Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).   The reflection will explore the patient’s history, lifestyle, psycho-social influences and whether inequalities in health have contributed to the patients heart condition.   The reflection will also deliberate whether the aforementioned determinates have been witnessed and addressed in practice.   All subsequent legislation impacts on nursing and personal practice and this is explored to some extent within the reflection.   Of course, issues of autonomy and ethical implications for nursing practice are also integrated within the essay.   Throughout the essay models of health and sociological theories will be used in an attempt to address the issue of inequalities in the health of the older person.

Moreover, old age itself is not a disease, sure are biological functions deteriorate over time, but this is due to natural senescence.   Unfortunately, because of this loss in cell division and growth, a wide range of illnesses are more likely to be experienced.   Growing old is a universal fact, but is the way we age determined by class equalities or inequalities experienced...


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