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Childern Crimnal

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Essay on Criminal Children
Today, children of all ages are committing crimes that carry harsher punishments for adults. Why should children who commit murders, rapes, and assaults be released early from time served because of their age? Why is it that adults get hard time for crimes such as burglary, domestic violence, and theft, while, juveniles spend days in juvenile hall for the same kinds, if not worse crimes, than adults? I strongly feel that if a child is old enough to commit heinous crimes such as school shootings, rapes, and even murders then they must be tried and convicted as adults. If we as a society continue to allow our children to be able to commit adult crimes and not get punished with adult time, then our society is in for a rude awaking. If these children are allowed to break the law and not have hard repercussions for their actions, then these children are going to grow up thinking they will get by because of their age. Adult crimes committed by children should be given the same sentences for adults who commit the same types of crimes.

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Many people today, are against the idea of young children being put in prison, locked away from society, and even executed for crimes they have committed. Why should children, just because of their age, be allowed to get released early from a light sentence? According to, Fact sheet: The Juvenile Death Penalty, 69% of Americans opposes the death penalty for young children. This shows that our nation is numb to the fact that children that young can be associated with the crimes they are accused of. How are children going to learn that killing someone, breaking into someone’s house, and even shooting up a school because they are mad, is wrong? When children do indeed commit these crimes, we as a society tend to be more lenient on them because of their age. We look at then and see a young child; a child that we believe could not commit such...


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