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The Leader of the World

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Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as the leader of the world
                The Muslims call Hazrat Muhammad as the “sarwar-e-aalam” which means the leader of the world. Apparently it seems to be the greatest title given to a person but after knowing His achievements, it no longer remains exaltation but a fact to award Him with the title of “sarwar-e-aalam”. The first condition to be fulfilled to become the leader of the world is that the person has not only worked for the betterment of a nation, race or tribe but for the betterment of mankind. A patriotic and nationalist leader is given respect by his nation, for his achievements and good work that he has done for the welfare of his own nation but he will not be welcomed and admitted as a leader by any other nation. If the love, well-wishes and welfare of a person are limited to America and China, how then a Pakistani could accept his leadership. If he considers his nation superior to others and wants to ascend his nation; the other nations are unquestionably going to abhor him. Each and every nation can only accept a person to be their leader, if all of them are equal in his eyes; he delights them justly and does not prefer one over the other.
                The second important condition that is to be fulfilled by the leader of the world is that he shall present such teachings that guide the mankind and are complete enough to solve every problem of a man’s life. Literally, ‘leader’ means ‘to guide’. A leader can only be the person who shows man the path of betterment and success.
                The third important condition of a leader is that his teachings and guidance does not serve mankind for a specific period of time rather his teachings and guidance shall equally be beneficial, appropriate and able enough to be followed in every period of time. A person is not capable to be called the leader of the world if his teachings serve humanity for a specific period of time. The leader of the world can only be the...


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