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Influential Leaders of the World: Hammurabi

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Influential Leaders of the World: Hammurabi

From the beginning of time there have been many strong leaders across the globe that have left their everlasting mark in history. Some leaders were stronger than most but, Hammurabi, the sixth emperor of the Babylonian empire, had more of an influence on the world. During his forty-two-year reign Hammurabi had a great impact on the some of the first civilizations. The many accomplishments and ideas of Hammurabi have proven him to be one of the most influential people of his time and many generations after. His establishments in the justice system, military victories, and many productive building projects have placed him as the world’s greatest leader.
The code of Hammurabi was one of the most important law codes of all time. His law code was the first set of laws that were actually written down and was the basis for establishing laws in later situations (Adas, pg. 18). The laws gave the people of Babylon a set of rules to live by and let them know that there would be consequences for their actions. These laws also helped protect a citizen’s right to property and slave ownership. While protecting the rights of his people, the code also established a sort of primitive judgment system that allowed his citizens to go to trial for any accusation that has been called upon them, rather cruelly punished for it. This was something that had new idea that everyone got an equal chance of trial under the law and it influenced many civilizations to come and became the example of how state laws should be approached. Not only did   it   protect the right to trial, it also made sure that judges gave out the right consequences and used the correctly put the person through trial (Adas, pg. 19).These certain laws state that a judge would   be punished for placing a suspect on the wrong consequence for the law. Even though his law code was very biased and had many cruel and unusual punishments they gave his...


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