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Life of Ang Lee

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The Life of Ang Lee (Draft)
What would you do, if you had a passion that no one approved on? What would you do, if after trying so hard, you found yourself walking in circles? What would you do, if believing in your dreams didn’t seem to get you anywhere? If Ang Lee was here, he would say “ Keep Believing”, because that’s what he did. He believed in himself, and became one of the most talented movie directors in the world.
Ang Lee was born in in a Pingtung, Taiwan in 1954. He grew up in a household that was strict on traditions and education because of his parents. He went to the first boys senior high school where his father was the principal. At that time, the only way to get into college or university, was by passing the entrance exams. When Lee was expected to pass, he failed. And after a hard-working year of preparing again, he failed the exam for the second time. His father, being the principal, was very disappointed in him, how could his son have possibly failed the exam two years in a row? Ang Lee had no choice but to enter a three-year college. After that, his father wanted him to become a professor, but because Lee had a stong passion in drama and arts, he decided to go his own way. After graduating from college, he went to America, and studied in the university of Illinois, and the Tsich school of arts of NYU, receiving both his bachelor degree in theater, and his MFA   before returning to Taiwan.
Life after returning from America was uneasy, he didn’t have a job for six years. During these six years, all the family income came from his supportive wife, while he was a full-time house-husband. This situation is very embarrassing in Taiwanese culture, because traditions are that men work outside and women work at home. So if others knew about their situation, the man in the house would be considered incompetence. But because Lee’s wife understood him and encouraged him to stick to what he had a passion for, he was able to keep doing what he loved,...


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