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Cell Biology

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1)a)Organelles and their Functions in the animal cell;
Cell Membrane: The cell membrane or (plasma membrane) surrounds all living cells. And it is the cell most important organelle. Its controls how substances can move in & out the cell and is responsible for many other properties of cell as well. Membrane are composed of phospholipid, protein and carbohydrates arranged in fluid mosaic structure.
Cytoplasm: In eukaryotic cells, the cytoplasm is the part of the cell between the cell membrane and the nuclear envelope.it is the jelly- like substance in a cell that contain the cytosol, organelles and inclusions, but not including the nucleus. In fact, the cytoplasm and the nucleus make up the protoplasm of a eukaryotic cell.
Nucleus: This controls all cellular activity using coded instruction located in DNA.These coded instructions enable the cell make specific proteins.RNA is produced in the nucleus and leaves via the nucleus pore. The nucleus stores, replicates and decodes DNA.
Nucleoplasm: nucleoplasm also called nuclear sap or karyoplasm is the fluid usually found in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells. This fluid contains primarily water, dissolved ions, and a complex mixture of molecules. Its primary function is to act as a suspension medium for the organelle of the nucleus, other functions include the maintenance of nuclear shape and structure, and the transportation of ions, molecules, and other substance important to cell metabolism and function.
Nucleolus: also called nucleoli a small rounded body within a resting nucleus that contains RNA and proteins and is involved in the production of ribosomes.
Nuclear membrane: The double –layered membrane surrounding the nucleus of eukaryotic cell, separating the nucleoplasm from the cytoplasm.
Organelles and their Functions in the plant cell
The plant cell has a cellulose cell wall, chloroplasts, and a sap vacuole lined by a tonoplast.
Cytoplasm: The cytoplasm function in a plant cell is almost similar to the...


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