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Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things that we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives :
With the increasing effect of technology on our daily life,   today’s world information becomes more avaliable for people and they are able to access easily whatever they need. Advertisements developing with today’s technology is a tool that is used to inform people about what products are on the market.For some people advertising leads people to buy unneccessary things, whereas for the others advertisement keeps people informed about new products that is beneficial for their lives. Although adversitising activities sometimes causes more buying tendencies, they are very necessary for people to make a good decision while doing their shopping.
Advertising activities allow people to learn about the wide range of new products and also to get informed about their superior characteristics over the others. Advertisements on TV and internet is an essential for people who follow new improvements in car , mobile phone or health technologies. Through advertising they can learn features of new designed products without making so much effort for research. According to the latest survey, 80% of new technology fans take the advetisement into account before going shopping. The survey results indicate that advertising is an effective way to inform customer about new good.
In addition, advertising enables people to make comperative study of features of one product over the others. Advertisements give them a chance to see different types of products and to compare their quality, reliability and price regarding their desires. For example, especially people over the age of 50 prefer to spend their shopping times on comparing one product brand   with the others in order to get good quality for less price. However,watching TV advertisement and looking magazines of newspaper including advertisement are   more...


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