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On Application of Pun in Advertisement English from the Perspective of Pragmatics

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On Application of Pun in
Advertisement English——from the Perspective of Pragmatics


    Advertising language is the core and soul of advertisement. Pun, as a special language in advertisement----language trademark, is the key to make successful advertisement. The application of Pun cannot only increase the charm of advertising language, but also creates commercial value and social value. On the basis of conception of cognitive context and combination of specific verbal cases of Advertisement English, the author analyzes the pragmatic value of the theory, thus revealing the framework of Relevance theory having a directive significance to practice. From the essay, the author thinks that it can guide the readers how to understand the connotation of Pun in Advertisement English. Also, it can offer some theoretical foundation for the advertisers in creative advertising. Meanwhile, it can provide some help for the study of this field.
Key Words: Advertisement English; pun; relevance theory; cognitive context


Abstract I
1.   Introduction 1
2.   Relevance Theory 2
    2.1 Relevance 2
    2.2 Principle of relevance 2
    2.3 Ostensive-inferential communication 3
    2.4 Context 3
    2.4.1 Cognitive context 3
    2.4.2 Features and functions of cognitive context 4
    2.5 Contextual Effects 4
3.   Pun within the frame of relevance 5
    3.1 Definition of pun 5
    3.2 Pragmatic features of pun 5
    3.3 Cognitive context in pun 6
4.   Pun in Advertisemnt English and its contextual effects 6
    4.1 Advertisement English 6
    4.2 Pun in Advertisement English 7
    4.2.1 Puns with one intended interpretation 7
    4.2.2 Puns with rejected interpretation contribuing to the intended one. 8
    4.2.3 Puns with two or more intended interpretations 9
    4.3 Contextual effects of pun in Advertisement English 10
5.   Conclusions 11
References 13
Acknowledgement 14

1.   Introduction

  The existence and development of...


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