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On the Language Characteristics of English Advertisement

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On the language characteristics of English advertisement
In modern age, we find ourselves surrounded by various advertisements every day. An American writer writes:” we find advertisements of all kinds everywhere, for example, glittering neon signs on top of high buildings and along main streets, colorful pictures painted on buses, pamphlets sent to every house, advertisements jammed between TV programs, various ads glutting newspaper and radio broadcast, etc.” Then what is an advertisement or a commercial? Luckily, the definition isn’t hard to provide. In brief, an advertisement is a notice of something for sale, services offered, job position to be filled, room to let,etc., as in a newspaper, painted on a wall, or made as a film or video. It’s well known that the birth of an advertisement is a complicated and highly artistic job, but here we confine ourselves to the language of an English advertisement and its translation.
    An old Chinese proverb, GOOD WINES WILL BECOME KNOWN AFTER ALL EVEN IN DESERT LANES, is under attack in the advertisement-oriented global village. People believe that even best wines fear isolation.
    We all know that ads are just like a flower garden in which people can get enjoyments, wisdom, information, instruction and art. How to classify a variety of advertisements? As for as the media are concerned, advertisements fall into broadcasting advertisements, TV advertisements, printed advertisements and substance advertisements. No matter what category an advertisement belongs to, it will boast some clear, linguistic properties, which are to be scientifically and carefully discussed in the following paragraphs.

I. Linguistic Attributes of English Advertisements
A good advertisement is a wonderful text from which people can appreciate the art of language. Modern people are so lucky that they can enjoy first-rate advertisements each day, from TV, magazines, broadcastings, bulletins, and even on buses bodies or on...


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