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English as an International Business Language

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English as an international business language.
The objective and the importance of the present study
This present study is an approach to the language of Business English as the title suggests it. I have presented here, the main aspects of the language of business, aspects that have to be taken into consideration when learning this language for specific purposes.
I have decided to write about this subject because I work in an environment in which I have to use daily my English knowledge, and more important I had to learn how to communicate with people in an elegant and business way.
I think that the subject I have chosen is very useful to people who are interested to start a new carrier, or for anyone who is interested to find a job in a multinational company.
From my point of view I wrote what I considered important, especially composing business messages and writing business letters correctly. The whole purpose of this study is to learn how to communicate clearly and efficiently.
Nowadays if you want to find a decent place to work, basic knowledge of English language are mandatory. I think that I am not wrong when I say that English has become the language of the planet, the first truly global language.
Chapter I – An Introduction to the Language of Business English
Presents a few facts and background information about the history of the English language, in general, and Business English in particular.
Chapter II - The Use of Business English in Communication
Is a personal point of view over business communication, both oral and written. It is very important to be able to communicate orally but also in writing.
Chapter III - Use of Business Language in Public Relations
In this chapter I have shown that Business English may be applied also in Public Relations. Every company, which has a PR department, has also a press office. People who work there have to compose business messages, write letters, press releases and so on. To accomplish...


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