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English Is a Fun Language

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What is an international language? An international language is a language used international all around the world.English is an international language.I think English language is an international language because of the British Empire.The British Empire was a mighty empire long time ago.They have concured many countries.For example Malaysia,India,Singapore and many other countries.he British always usewd the English Language to communicate.The british also built english schools in the countries which they have concured. Many people got to know about this language and learnt it.As a result to this action,the English Language got spread widely to many countriess.Based on what happend last time,english has become our international language.

A fun language is a language we feel fun to learn.English is a fun language for some people.I agree english is a difficult language to learn and master.If we like this language it would be fun to learn and master it.By learning this language, we can do many intersting activities.Many people consider wathching movies as a fun activity to do.Once we have learnt this language and can understand it,we can start watching english movies.It can be a horror,a comedy,or any movies of our choice.We could also paly fun games like scrabble.Scrabble can help us improve our vocabulary.Lastly,we can read english story books.Books like the Vampire Diaries or Diary of the Wimpy Kid can be very interesting to read.I think this is why english is a fun language.


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