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CELTA Pre-task

Task 1

In what context will I be doing the CELTA course?

I don’t know

Do I know what context will I be teaching after the CELTA course?

Immediately after the course I think I will be teaching full-time, mixed ability, of the same sex, day-time groups that will contain 20-30 students. I ultimate goal is to work at the IH CELTA program in Bogota or the British Council. I do not know what the groups there are like. I might want to start my own private classes in Bogota when I can get the money together for a house. I imagine different leveled classes, that are small (6 or less), mixed gender, of all ages, with day and night classes.

Task 2

Think about why you decided to teach adults?

The adult usually has a specific reason and is usually self motivated to achieve. I find that with adults there are usually less behavior problems compared to kids. I love to teach and I am not a fan of class management of class behavior. Of course kids that are motivated, focused, and learning is awesome too when that happens. If I can help anyone achieve their goal in English I have accomplished my goal as an English teacher.

Think about what you, as an adult bring to this learning situation.

I bring life experience dealing with different types of people of different backgrounds and ages. I bring in classroom experience of some things that have worked. I am a slow learner so I am patient with people who are the same way.

Use the above ideas to characterize adult learners.

Adult learners are usually focused but sometimes with all their responsibilities can get off track. They expect learning to happen and expect professionalism from their instructor. The adult learner has many life experiences to draw from that are good and bad also. This can add to the richness of the class itself. Just like kids though the adult learner comes in all personality types and learning aptitudes. The instructor will have to adjust the best he or she can...


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