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French Canadian -English Canadian Hostiliy

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The war between France and England ended decades ago; but the conflict between the French and English speaking settlers in Canada could still be felt as a result of many events and issues.
      Confederation was never enthusiastically embraced in Quebec   as it evidently was in Ontario. Since, by Confederation, Quebec   only had about 40% of the population of the United Province   of Canada, to share equally in the government put it in an advantageous   position; this was so much so that it was Upper Canada that now   complained about the Union and its most important political   leader of the time, George Brown, claimed that the province   had become ‘French dominated’. While Brown’s comment disclosed   an intolerant attitude, to most Upper Canadians it contained   a good deal of truth and they wished something to be done about   it.
      Their great solution to this problem was to propose Representation   according to Population. Had this proposal been implemented,   it would have made it possible to form a government with only   political support from Upper Canada and, consequently, put   George Brown in power. Such a prospect could not be accepted   in Quebec as it would endanger all the cultural gains its people   had made in the union since 1848. Simply put, to have accepted   Rep. by Pop would have put the cultural survival of Quebec on   the line and, ever since the 1840's, cultural survival was   the central question, the existential question, in Quebec.
      However, while there were deep problems in the Union, and no   agreement as to the solutions that should be applied, one should   not forget that Quebecers felt culturally secure, shared   equally power and, thus, wielded a good deal of influence in   the old Union. On the surface, Confederation would seem to   have the effect of making Quebec’s position weaker as the province   would now become one partner out of four (instead of one out   of two), would constitute only 30%...


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