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Learning English Experince

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Nowadays, English is the most important language all over the world. Even in Malaysia, English is the first language that needs to learn and know about it by everyone. If someone not learn it, and know about this language, we can say that those people are not followed the new era of the world. As for me, I have learnt English from my childhood. Well, my family taught me how to speak and to use English even it is not in appropriate way.
English is not something easy to learn. Of course, if the professional the will said it is easy, but as for me, it is something quite difficult to learn. Basically I can speak in English, not so well actually. I have found that if my friend speak or do some writing in English, I can know whether my friend use right or wrong grammar but as for myself, for sometimes, I cannot know whether I use the right grammar or not.
English is easier if we learn it hardly and enjoy what we learn. As for me, I am interest in English, but I am too lazy to learn the English. That is why my grammar, fluency in English and my language are not very good. Well, when I have found out that my English become weaker; I felt that I must do something to repair it. Firstly, I start with listening to the English song. Why I do like that? This because, when I heard the English song, I can look the use of some word in it. And from that, I can learn the English easier.
Second, I make the dictionary as my first revision. If there any words that I’m not understand I will use the Oxford’s dictionary. Of course the English-Malay dictionary first, then I will revise the English-English dictionary. Thirdly, I love to ask my friend about the meaning of some words and talk with my friends in English for sometime. Well, my friends love to ask me the meaning of some words, from that I can improve my own memory of some words. For sometimes I think that my English are weaker than them, but why they always ask me about the English.


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