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Raison in the Sun

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In the book and play “A Raisin in the sun” Travis is not in them both a lot but he is a big part in both. A few big things that he did was how he is respectful and caring and loving to his family, also how he loves going outside and playing around and just being a good old ten year old kid who always want to get out of the house for a few hours at a time.
“What’s the matter Daddy? You drunk?” is one of the quotes that came from Travis showing how he cares about his father. One of the really good things about Travis is how respectful he is to everyone in his family. He’s always nice and caring and helpful he is to his mother and grandmother no matter how upset or mad they are he is always there to help them out around the house or do anything to make what they are doing a lot easier for them. Travis is always trying to please his father and his grandfather too, it’s like he wants to be a family man like his dad but he don’t want him to know that because his dad thinks he can do a lot better than he did. Also even though Travis’s grandfather is past he’s still respectful to him and him and the rest of the family did not forget about him.
"Grandmama that stuff Bennie is using smells awful. Can I go downstairs, please?” That quote was from when Travis wanted to go out and be a kid and just run around and get out of doing chords and something’s around the house. The best thing that Travis’s grandmother or mother could, do say to him was time go outside and play. Travis's favorite thing was going outside. He loved to do with his free time was going outside and being a normal ten year old boy and going play with his friends. Every chance he has to go outside he would take it, especially if it meant getting out of going chores around the house.
"Daddy, can I give her mine now?” That was when the family went to go see the house for the first time and they were outside in the backyard. Travis did not want to go in on a gift for Mama with the rest of the family; he got...


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