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China Calls for Sustainable Development

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  China Calls for Sustainable Development
  After centuries of expansion, human beings have already surpassed the planet's boundaries – and not just in terms of carbon emissions. At present, the world is faced with potential global catastrophes and people need to adopt comprehensive measures to achieve the goal of sustainable development over the next 20 years.
  The UN and China have conducted a slew of cooperation projects that span the full spectrum of sustainable development. For yeas, the United Nations is strongly committed to being China's partner on this path. China has already made great achievement in developing new energy resources. China is already a leader in wind power. It is the world's largest solar (pv) manufacturer. On the other hand, China is doing this through far-sighted use ofsubsidies, incentives and regulations – through smart policy-making.
  As we refer to mining machinery industry, the traditional shaping and grinding mode cannot adapt to the requirement of the manufacturing. What's worse, crusher manufacturers will cause considerable pollution problems. Increase the energy-saving emission reduction efforts, both to reduce resource consumption and pollution emissions can also increase economic efficiency, promote technological progress. The key factor that really matters is technology innovation.
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