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Health and Globalization

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The movement of people, animals and animal products for commercial reasons is also causing an increase in the spread of animal diseases across borders. The United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) issued the warning in a statement. Have recently been diagnosed for the first time some animal diseases areas outside their "normal" home, and sometimes even thousands of miles away.

For example: More than 50 people died in Yemen because of a suspected outbreak of Rift Valley fever (Rift Valley fever) also recorded numerous cases of abortions and deaths of young calves in the area between the province of Al-Hudaydah to the west coast of the country.
These cases illustrate that transboundary animal diseases remain a real threat. No country can claim to be free of them. In an increasingly globalized world surveillance systems and health services are vital to detect these diseases as soon as possible and to make contingent plans to limit outbreaks. Veterinary services should not be regarded as a luxury, we must empower them to avoid future disasters.

Preventing, limiting effective disease control most serious livestock animals, are the key to emergency protection system of transboundary pests and diseases of animals and plants

Trade liberalization and globalization of markets has accelerated the process of exchange of fresh and processed food products across countries and economic blocs. If the forecasts of the experts from multilateral agencies and government met in a relatively short time, tariffs and other trade barriers disappear and order and health aspects of food safety are crucial. Therefore, ensure that food consumption is not harmful to human health becomes a requirement of international market access and a health guarantee for imported products for local consumption.

Among the factors contributing to the potential risks of food include inadequate farming practices, poor hygiene at all stages of the food chain, lack of...


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