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Denitrification Industrialization of Flue Gas

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"Emancipate mind" means to more accurately determine the new changes in global economic development and the global industrial transfer trend. Global economic integration is an inevitable trend and sustainable pattern of industrial development is the inevitable choice, so, how the crushing plant industry to further emancipate its mind?
    As we all know, the crushing plant and sand making plant is the banner of the mining machinery in China. In the 1990s, due to foreign brands’ entering into the Chinese market on a large scale, the development of the mining machinery industry once fell into passive. In this adverse environment, the Cone crusher and sand making machine manufactured by Hongxing became the one of the earliest products broke through successfully, which not only broke through the attack of foreign brands, but also occupied a certain share in the international market.
    Due to the deterioration of the environment in recent years brought unimaginable disaster to human beings, such as, the blizzard of 2008, 5.12 major earthquake, etc. Disasters call us to protect the environment and be kind to the environment, and the flue gas of power plants occupies most of the share. Therefore, in recent years, China vigorously promoted desulfurization and denitrification industrialization of flue gas, invested heavily in the flue gas desulfurization projects, especially in the production of flue gas desulfurization equipments, so as to greatly enhance the FGD project technology and equipment localization rate and the level of equipment.
    Today, the mining machinery crusher industry has gone through the stage of relying on cheap labor advantage and expense of the environment to gain development, it is necessary to explore one most suitable for their own sustainable development path in the low-carbon economy era.

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