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How Can Oil and Gas Dual-Purpose Boiler Become More Energy-Saving

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How can oil and gas dual-purpose boiler become more energy-saving

Oil and gas dual-purpose boiler can burn natural gas or oil through different burners,therefore,not only the amount of discharged pollutant but also the cost of fuel are greatly reduced.In order to response to the call on boiler energy conservation,the following energy saving measures can be taken in the operation of oil and gas dual-purpose boiler:

Adding oil and gas economizer

After the treatment of oil economizer,the molecular structure of hydrocarbons has changed,which can save about 4.87% to 6.10% oil due to the increase of combustion efficiency,meanwhile,the dust content in the exhaust can be reduced 30% to 40%.The gas economizer can recycle the energy in the high temperature flue gas,reduce the fuel consumption,at the same time,the condensation of water vapor can absorb the nitrogen oxide,sulphur dioxide,an other pollutants in flue gas,which reduces the pollutant emissions greatly.

Adopting waste heat recovery technology

According to the survey,the total waste heat resources accounts for roughly 17% ~ 67% of the total fuel consumption,the waste heat which can be recycled is about 58% of the total waste heat resources.The exhaust temperature can be reduced to 50 ~ 70 ℃,which achieves the full recovery of heat energy in the water vapor and flue gas,and the condensate water can also be recycled.

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