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Essay: The very best medicine that a family can have in the       house is cheerfulness

We’re often think that happiness is an illusion, and some us believe it, beside the experience of our own lifes. Happiness is obviously not an illusion, because we’ve all felt it, not once but many times.

Family is one of the most important think for all of us. And in family should be always cheerfulness. A proverb say that cheerfulness is the best medicine for a family. Cheerfullness is everything what a family need. Cheerfullness is really the best medicine as any person overcomes his failures due to positive moods of his relatives.

Everyone has his own definition of what is a family. The meaning of a family is different to every one of us. It is always necessary that we take care of our family members because they are all we got in life. They can be a source of confidence and assistance whenever we undergo troubled times. Not only that, a family unit is also the very basic element in any societies, which will then become the nation.

How can be a family cheer? It’s so simple, all what should the members of the family do is to trust each other, to talk to each other. But the most important think in all this is the wish to be happy, wish   to be together. Each problem should be discussed inside the family and every member has to be given a piece of advice.If you are in trouble you must be sure that you will be listened in your family and encouraged as well. If you will fell that your family is near, you forget about your problem.. You will stay with your family and have fun together spend time together.

There are so many children that doesn’t have a family, and they need one, and there are children that have a family but they don’t understand how important is to be near with them, to spend time with them. We should finaly thank God that we have a family,that we have someone who will help us in difficult moments. If you want to be happy, forget yourself. Forget...


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