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India: The Nation That Having So Many Emperor

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India is on the continent of Asia.   India is close to the Himalayan Mountains.   India is second in population behind China with one billion people. The capital of India is New Delhi.   In Agra, India is one of the seven great wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal.  
The Taj Mahal was built as King Shah Jahans wife’s tomb.   When I was six years old, I traveled to India with my mother, and she showed me this beautiful white marble building that was more than four hundred years old.   I could not believe when my mom told me that three thousand elephants were used to help build the Taj Mahal.  
India had many emperors, but the most respected was King Akbar. King Akbar ruled from 1556 until 1605.   Another famous leader was Mohandas K. Gandhi.   His nick name was Mahatma which means “Great Soul”.   He was the leader of India’s national movement for freedom.   His leadership was based on peace and non-violence.
India has many languages.   Both, North and South India speak different languages.   The national language is Hindi, however there are many other languages spoken, such as Gujarati, Panjabi and, at least, ten others.   My family is from Gujarat and they speak Gujarati.
India has three religions which are Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.   India’s government is the largest democracy in the world.   In the past, India’s economy was based on farming.   Today, it is one of the ten leading industrial nations, however, because of the ginormous population it remains one of the poorest countries in the world
In India, there are a many kinds of holiday festivals.   Each year, people in India celebrate a holiday called Divali.   Diwali is similar to the celebration of New Years.   Diwali is a celebration of lights which represents good luck for the upcoming New Year.


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