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Media in Subcontinent

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Journalism History in Sub-continent

Submitted to:   Miss Faiza Bajwa               Subject:             Media History

                                                                    Section B

Beginning Of Journalism In Sub-continent: 3
News Organization: 3
Conveyance: 3
Propagation: 4
Significance: 4
Journalism of British in Sub-continent: 4
Hickey Gazette: 4
Indian World: 5
Progress and Development: 5
Jam-e- Jahan Numa: 5
Maraat-ul- Akhbar: 5
Press Laws: 6
1799 Press Law 6
1823 Press Law: 6
1835 Press Law: 6
Urdu Journalism: 7
About Urdu Newspapers: 7
1857 Revolution and Role of Journalism: 8
Conclusion: 8

Beginning Of Journalism in Sub-continent:
In the sub-continent, journalism started with preliminary handwritten news sheets, prepared by government news-writers during the Muslim rule. They were written, dated, appeared at regular and frequent intervals. Such news sheets provided the rulers with information from all corners of the empire, regarding public occurrences, current-events, mischief in societies and hardships faced by the people. From this information, the rulers used to take decisions and plan initiatives to uphold good governance. Indeed, there was a fine established system of surveillance; through the newspapers, rulers were promptly updated of maladministration and mismanagement in the social structure. Brutal and cruel governors were detached of the government and honest officials were encouraged. In short, the early hand-written sheets proved effective social mobilization vehicle to hold peace and contentment in the empire. This is the reason why Muslims ruled for centuries with prestige prosperity.
News Organization:
The initial system of hand-written news sheets, though not well standardized, was instigated on strong foundations during the rule of Delhi emperors. But the legendary Mughal emperors...


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