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Gods Covenant with Abraham-Script

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Gods covenant with Abraham – News Report

(‘I am the one and only’ song plays)
(God walks on)
(Everyone else – Abraham and the News reporters – starts coming on stage, talking)
(God walks off)
(Show starts)
News reporter 1: Good morning and welcome to World Religions Today!
News reporter 2: I’m Alicia.
News reporter 1: And I’m Becky.
News reporter 2: And Today we have Abraham to talk about the two covenants.
News reporter 1: So give a warm welcome to Abraham.
(God claps enthusiastically from off stage and Abraham enters)
Abraham: Thank you, Thank you.
News reporter 2: So, tell me about the first Covenant.
Abraham: Well, it all started when God appeared to me and said...
God: ...“Don’t be afraid Abram
I am your shield
Your very great reward”
Abraham: Wow! Déjà Vu! (Looking Confused) Ok, where was I? Right, I made a covenant with God so that when he changed my name...
God: ...From Abram to Abraham
Abraham: (Looking annoyed) and then I would gain power over some land.
News reporter 1: How did you feel when God came to you?
Abraham: I couldn’t believe my eyes, he was really there!
God: Yeah, I was!
News reporter 2: Ok, let’s move on to the second covenant. What Happened?
God: Wow, Finally the interviews coming to an end.
Abraham: Seriously... Back onto the subject of the covenant of circumcision. God asked me to circumcise the boys to show that they were Jewish.
News reporter 1: On that note I think it’s time to end.
News reporter 2: Join us next week to see and interview with Moses.


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