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A(n) ________ is an explicit statement that tells a manager what can or cannot be done.

Managers cannot possibly analyze all information on all alternatives, they tend to ________, rather than ________.
Satisfice ; maximize

Which of the following is an example of a policy?
We are an equal opportunity employer with a diverse workforce. We do not discriminate against employees and applicants on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or veteran status.

Creativity is most essential in which of the following steps of the decision-making process?
Developing alternatives

To make effective decisions in today's fast-moving world, managers need to ________.
Know when it is time to call it quits

It is assumed that a rational decision maker ________.
Is fully objective and logical

Max is planning on going away to college next year and is currently trying to figure out which colleges he should apply to. He would like to major in English Literature at an accredited liberal arts college, but is also looking for a university that offers financial aid. In terms of the decision-making process, these represent Max's ________.
Decision criteria.

Amanda, a single parent, is looking for a new job. Considering that she has two school-going children, she is particularly keen on finding an employer who can provide her with alternative work arrangements such as flexible work hours and telecommuting. In terms of the decision-making process, these represent Amanda's ________.
Decision criteria.

The ________ occurs when decision makers select and highlight certain aspects of a situation while excluding others.
Framing bias.

When decision makers seek out information that reaffirms their past choices and discount information that contradicts past judgments, they are exhibiting the ________.
Confirmation bias.

In intuitive decision making, managers   ________.
Use data from their...


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