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Cultural Effects of Business

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1. Introduction and background information
There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. Even the same thing the people who come from different countries will be treated as the different ways. The world is wonderful that is consisted of various cultures. No one can define what culture is, people just try to understand it. Ralph Linto(1945:21)‘a culture is the configuration of learned behavior and results of behavior whose component elements are shared and transmitted by the members of a particular society’ Every culture with its characteristic in the development of world history and cultural characteristics of each type will have an impact on human behavior. There also are too many behaviors in marketing activities.

Explore the specific examples from different cultures will be able to help find the relationship between cultures and marketing behaviors. Especially, China and Europe Union are the best models for researching and this essay arrow the topic to a specific area which is the service marketing. This essay attempts to find some reasons for what is the role of culture in marketing activities. More precisely, this essay tries to find what are the similarities and differences between China and Europe Union in service marketing. Finally, get some results what are extended to a more general level.

1.1 The culture impact on service marketing of China
China has five thousand histories and diverse kinds of cultures. In particular, the Confucian culture which is established in China and today has spread to all over the world. The various cultures have incredible influences in common people daily life of China. At the same time they have connected with marketing activities.

According to Usunier(2000:203)indicates that Ho(1997) commenting on the emergence of consumer power in China, explains that a DRI/McGraw Hill report forecasts an average annual growth of 7.5 percent for the Chinese consumer market over the decade. Now Chinese give up the...


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