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Cultural Profile of Iraq

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Cultural Profile


Lecture: Intercross Cultural Skilss
Date: 16 December 2010
Table of contents
1. Iraqi society and culture
1.1 Language
1.2 People
1.3 Religion
1.4 Hospitality
1.5 Family and honour
1.6 Cultural dimensions
2. Iraqi business etiquette
2.1 Business meetings
2.2 Working in Iraq
2.3 Communication styles
2.4 Iraqi Do’s and Don’ts

1. Iraqi Society and Culture
Once part of the Ottoman Empire, Iraq attained its independence as a sovereign state in 1932. The republic of Iraq was established in 1958, following the overthrow of the monarchy, and later became one of the centres of Arab nationalism under the control of the Baath party. During the 1980’s the Kurdish community in Iraq sought greater autonomy and following years of internal fighting, now inhabit a region in the north of the country known as Kurdistan.

Since 1980, the Iraqi economy has been adversely affected by costly militarisation, three wars, and over a decade of international sanctions. However, the recent post-war transferal of
sovereignty back to the Iraqi Interim Government has changed the economical and political face of the nation, bringing with its significant economic and financial reforms.
The country’s affluent natural resource base makes it potentially one of the richest countries in the world, with the production and export of petroleum continuing to set Iraq on the path to
sustained economic growth and long-tem prosperity. As Iraq slowly rebuilds its relations with
the international community, it is extremely important for those wishing to enter into the Iraqi
market to gain a thorough knowledge of the country and its particular business characteristics.[1]
The Republic of Iraq is located in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iran and Kuwait and has 28.221.180 inhabitants (July 2008 est.). The capital city is Baghdad and the Kurdish capital in the north is Arbil or...


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