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Stereotypical Gender Roles

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Through out all time men have been seen superior to women. For example, in our own patriarchal society males enjoy a socially dominant position. In turn this further manifestation of biological differences which confirm the need for different social roles. In all societies’ men and women are being forced into different social roles which are justified by the difference in their physiological traits.   Physical factors always become associated with complex psychological qualities. Such as it is not enough for a woman to be a female, but must also be feminine. A man, in addition to being male, must also be masculine. Therefore, from an early age, boys are helped to become more masculine which allows them to assume and maintain that position of power. And girls are taught to cultivate a submissive femininity.
In society the male social role is designed to reward masculine men, such as a man will run the business and receive praise for he hard work. While the female social role offers its relative advantages only to pretty feminine women who will find the rich husband due to the negative support of society. In other words, masculinity and femininity are gender qualities which are developed in response to social discrimination. The resulting difference in the male and female character is described as inborn, which means that it exists from birth and is used to defend the existing power arrangement. This type of thinking has led the consideration that social roles are natural roles due to the physical and biological traits one possesses. Only those who accept this are consider being normal, and only those individuals are expected to succeed. However, once these ideas have been developed, it is shown that both gender roles mutually reinforce each other and thereby immortalizing the inequality on which they are based.

Obviously type of society can only continue to work this way as long as the behavior of men and women does not violate the generally accepted limits....


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