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Maxed Out! Respone

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Consumer Education
Maxed Out!
Maxed Out demonstrated to me the problems that can occur in an everyday life.   Some of the people showed in the film had made bad choices that ended them up in a hard place to escape from. Some of the bad choices made could have been from making bad purchases or not following the five steps of being an effective consumer.   Whatever the reason is or was, these people are now in a deep hole that they are struggling so hard to escape from and become financially stable.  
One example of some ill-advised purchases was the mother of the family who had spent her money gambling and lost it all.   The consequence of her borrowing money and not returning it was possibly her death.   It was supposed that because she was in so much debt and owed so much money, that she drove her car off of a bridge and killed herself.   This is a con of using credit, you can keep spending to a certain point negatively, but in the end you still have to pay your debt off.   The mother in this case did not follow the five steps of being an effective consumer; she definitely did not plan out her goals or think critically during her situation
One other similar circumstance was the two college kids.   When they were on campus, they were amazed by all the great deals the credit card companies were offering them.   They thought that if they had all these credit cards that they would save a lot of money.   However, their poor consumer choices landed them in major debt and their credit score plummeted.   If they had gotten maybe 1 or 2 cards, they would have made a positive consumer buy and would be utilizing the pros of a credit card.   Although, since these kids were in so much debt, they killed themselves because they believed they would never be able to pay it off and pay off their college loans.


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