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The Terrorist We Refuse to See

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The Terrorist We Refuse to See
Jose Espinoza

  In order for any type of interaction to occur between individuals, groups, or even nations there must first be an initial contact from one group to the other. For every action there will always be a reaction, and I have always wondered what would make an individual want to fly an airplane into a building. What first action caused this? As Americans, we are first to labels others as terrorist, axis of evil, dictators, but when was the last time we took a look at our actions and realized the very thing we despise maybe the very thing we are.
What is a bully?
Little do we realize that bulling is a form of terrorism, which can be over looked as such.   What makes a bully do what they do? Studies have shown that bullies are victims of their surroundings and they themselves are victims of abuse at home by adults they live with and are acting out the only way they know how.   Many times bullies have the tendency to misbehave, act out, and maybe seeking attention. Roles models are lacking the life of the bully; many spend hours alone at watching violent programs that only adds to their aggressive behavior.
As Sandra Scott wrote in her 2008 article, Inside the mind of a bully, the ones that we really need to worry about are the one that are the victims of being bullied.   A victim of bulling will take on the attitude that of, “I will never be a victim again” (Scott, 2008).   With this new attitude comes a transformation of being aggressive against which they see are bullies and want to protect the bullied. The former victim will now look at every situation in manner of being skeptical of all things around them and will jump to conclusions in a negative way if they feel that they re being taken advantaged of.   It is unfortunate that this will go unrecognized and this will affect their quality of life since victims typically do not want to open to up and have that...


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