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What I Can Do to Make a Differnce

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What I Can Do To Make a Difference
The things I can do to make a difference, well there’s a lot I can do to make a difference in my life and the world around me. The things I do everyday is getting old and I need to do something different for once and for all and to get my life straight because there’s not a whole lot of time till I graduate and then from there I start my life in the real world to where I start working and going out and finding the right girl for me to start a family of my own to support them and getting them the supplies for school and Etc. I need to start looking forward to college and looking for a good paying job instead of being home and playing the game to make money off of youtube; I can’t just live my life making money that way and try to make a living to support myself and my grandma. Yea I know she should be supporting me but im about to turn 18 and I am going to be moving out to live my own life to find a great career to live for.
If I want to be a professional artist I need to start looking for colleges that support great art classes and good degrees to be one. Or to be a great mechanic for that I need to start helping my dad work on the cars that he brings to the house, I help him and all but not enough to where I know much more things that I already know about cars and trucks. The other thing I can do to make a difference is to start doing my work in class and to just pay attention and focus on the things I need to be doing because yea its my last year but it’s the last year to be paying attention and learn the stuff I will be using in college and other stuff and everyday I learn something new, either from school or the things I help with my family with.


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