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Is Corporal Punishment Needed to Discipline Children

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Joyce Dolford
Psy101Introduction to Psychology (DFB 1303A)
Instructor: Lavell Hewitt

  I. Introduction
  II. Is corporal punishment needed to discipline children?
  III. Body paragraph #1 – Topic Sentence # 1
Today many Americans Children’s receive an ineffective, unproven therapy whose practitioners insist it improves school performance, enhances discipline, and leads to more ethical behavior.
  A. Supporting Evidence
What is corporal punishment? Corporal punishment is a discipline method in which a supervising adult deliberately inflicts pain upon a child in response to child unacceptable behavior and / or inappropriate language (Approved by Council June 1988).
  B. Explanation
Some advocates think corporal punishment should be declared illegal, as it has been in 12 countries. According to British Medical Journal, 9 1979 Swedish ban on spanking coincided with a dramatic decline in acceptance of spanking among parents, from 53% to 11%. From 1979 to 1996, the country recorded only a single death from parent-child abuse. Still it unlikely spanking soon will become illegal on this side of the Atlantic.

  C. So what?
The respected family research laboratory at the University of New Hampshire report that about one-third of parents have hit an infant and that most parents occasionally hit their 12 years-old.
  III. Body paragraph # 2-Topic Sentence # 2
  I. Supporting Evidence
According to the pediatrics academy, consistent applied time-outs rather than spanking improve compliance with parental expectations by up to 80%. Another 1966 pediatrics article found parents are open to other forms of punishment.
  II. Explanation
For those who contend that students straighten up after a few smacks.
  III. So what
It wrong for a teacher to hit a student unless you have gotten permission from the parent to do so if not you can be sued for putting your hands on a parent child.
  IV. Conclusion
  A. Thesis Statement...


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