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Funding Space Exploration

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Funding Space Exploration: Why should we continue
Cynthia Clark
English Composition II
Brandon Bond

                                            With so Many problems on planet earth,
                            should the United States continue to fund space exploration?

      There are so many reasons why the federal government needs to fund other issues. There are three issues that can be looked into further to see what can be done to help those issues. Admittedly we have a poor education system without proper funding our education will get less and less beneficial to children as the years go by, it will cause a loss of jobs for teachers and other educators.   Our healthcare in the US is as equally important as well as school safety.
      The United States have learned a lot from Space Exploration. The United States needs funding elsewhere. Because America needs more job opportunities, better healthcare, and we need better funding in education. We could create more jobs for people, help mothers and father that are raising their children by themselves with no jobs or health insurance. Also we need more money at our public schools to help with materials they may need and to put in a security system to alert the whole school of an attack like we had in Connecticut this month. It would take a lot of money to make a difference to protect our children from people that want to harm them. We could do this if the USA would take money from the space program and put it in to school safety.
    Nasa has spent so much money with exploration of space to where we could have been putting money in other areas that really needed help. Just this past last year, they sent another shuttle up in space to explore Mars once again. Which cost tax payers 2.5 billion dollars to send one shuttle up, Langley, K (2012) just think about all the other ones that has went up over the years? We should reroute the money to better projects such as improving our health care...


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