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Julia Butterfly

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Julia Butterfly
Julia Butterfly was born Julia Lorraine Hill on February 18th, 1974 in Mount Vernon Missouri. Because Hill's father was a traveling preacher she traveled and lived in a camper with her father, mother and two younger brothers until she was ten. Hill took an interest in nature at a young age and explores rivers and woods. Hill received her nickname “Butterfly” when she was six years old when she and her family were taking a hike one day, a butterfly landed on her finger and stayed with her the entire time.
In August 1996, at age 22, Hill suffered a near-fatal car crash. The steering wheel of the car penetrated her skull. She had to undergo intensive therapy before she was able to regain the ability to speak and walk normally. During her recovery time, she had a revelation that she needed to do everything in her power to make a positive impact on the future.
Following her recovery, she joined an environmental cause that opposed the destruction of the redwood forests in Humboldt County, California. From 1997 to 1999, Hill lived in a redwood tree, nicknamed Luna, that was being threatened to be cut down by the Pacific Lumber Company. She refused to move from the tree and a resolution was reached in 1999 to save Luna and all the other redwoods in a 200 foot buffer zone.
Since Hill’s tree sit, she has become a motivational speaker, an author and activist for countless environmental issues including, endorsing eco-friendly products and continuing to support preserving trees.


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